October 2018

Winners of Odense Municipality Architecture Award 2018

Focusing on the urban, historical context and a welcoming architecture, that creates value for both residents and pedestrians, the new residential building at Carl Nielsens Kvarter in central Odense has been awarded with Odense Municipality Architecture Award 2018.

The building, which comprises both housing and business facilities, is situated in the central Rosenkvarter in Odense, where the house of Hans Christian Andersen, historic merchant’s houses and Odeon Music Theatre is located.

Also, the building is part of the historic city-transformation project “From Street to City”, where the multi-laned Thomas B. Thriges Gade, which has divided the city centre into two parts since the 1960’s, is transformed into a vibrant and active urban district.

The colours and materials of the building are carefully chosen to integrate the building in the urban context with the colours of Rosenkvarteret, that is characterized by bright tiles and tones. The housing is designed with modern apartments that will create an attractive framework for residents’ lives in the city with bright spaces that will all have direct access to rooftop gardens and terraces.

Among other thing the judges emphasize the high quality of the building and its welcoming architecture:

“To the south, the building is shaped with a large bending on the corner leading pedestrians along the new railway, where you can walk protected in a nice covered passage. To the east, the total volume is processed with steps towards the H.C. Andersen neighbourhood and its smaller scale houses – a retreat, which also creates outdoor areas on every floor for the residents. Also, balconies have been implemented in the building, which contribute to the overall impression of a welcoming building. The bright brick facades collect all these elements in one single whole. The brickwork is detailed with ribbons and recesses – all in order to provide a quality experience even in the close meeting with the building.”

The award ceremony took place at Odense Slot, where we participated together with the developers 5E and Ramboll.

For further information:
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