August 2018

Winners of “Den Blå Kant”


An ambitious transformation of Svendborg Harbour has just been kick-started with the appointment of Sweco Architects, EFFEKT, WTM Engineers and ArcGency as winners of “Den Blå Kant” (The Blue Edge).
The project, that is developed for the municipality of Svendborg, covers an area of 8 hectares, and will be executed in stages over the coming years.

The vision for the project is to secure the harbour from storms and flooding while creating coherence across the harbour, strengthening the existing cultural environments and adding new recreational and social value to the harbour area and to the city. Here, we have worked extensively to ensure that the solutions are adapted to the existing local environments and the location-specific conditions along the harbour edge. That wat, the current maritime and social activities are not obstructed while the construction is ongoing.

“We are extremely proud that we, as a team, are chosen to complete this ambitious project, which touches upon an array of important issues that unite climate protection with the development of social, urban spaces and activities. It has been a complex, but also exciting process to work with the project in the development phase, and we are looking forward to commence the implementation of our proposal,” says Mads Stenbæk Jakobsen, managing director at Sweco Architects.

Climate proofing Svendborg Harbour
Today Svendborg Harbour is exposed to floods and extreme climate events. Therefore, one of the main ambitions of the “Den Blå Kant” project is to establish a climate-proof barrier on the outer side of the harbour which will protect the inner harbour against raising water levels of up to three meters. This way, we ensure an accessible inner harbour with a direct connection to the water.

The climate protection strategy is a combination of several technical measures that are seamlessly integrated into the new recreational, urban spaces and harbour basins.  Most of the suggested flood solutions are integrated as design- and activity elements in the new urban spaces. The new facilities include a new harbour bath, a promenade, a workshop with maritime leisure facilities, and a new harbour park that can host a great variety of activities. The aim is to connect the city centre with the harbour environment while, at the same time, supporting Svendborg’s vocation as a sports city.

Protecting the unique maritime heritage and cultural environment of the harbour
Today Svendborg Harbour consists of various maritime and cultural environments, each with its special character – from the historical wooden ship harbour to the industrial gasworks central and the southern harbour, that is characterized by low-rise buildings with high conservation value and maritime leisure facilities.

The transformation of the harbour area will have a sensitive approach towards the great cultural heritage of Svendborg, and the transformation of the harbour will therefore be carried out based on the existing unique, environments and special character of the areas. The existing diversity is the starting point for further development, where we will underpin and strengthen the values of each individual area, so that the harbour will offer opportunities for even more user groups in the future.