November 2018

The expansion of Hempel – a new campus in Lyngby-Taarbæk City of Knowledge

The expansion of the coating supplier Hempel's office-, research- and testing facilities in Lyngby supports the company's vision of innovation and global growth, as well as the entire area's goal of becoming a leading knowledge- and university city in Europe.

The expansion of Hempel comprises a new R&D- and Test Center, a new office building (HQ2) and a transformation of the company’s existing test center to new office facilities. The first phase of the expansion, which comprises the new R&D- and Test Center, was kickstarted with the groundbreaking ceremony at November 27th.

The new building reinterprets central architectural elements from Hempel’s existing headquarter and create a coherent Hempel Campus measuring almost 20.000 m2.

A part of Lyngby-Taarbæk City of Knowledge
Hempel’s new R&D- and Test Center will gather the facilities from the existing test building and R&D Center, and become a global focal point for research and innovation. The vision with the expansion is to create the best conditions for Hempel to grow and develop as a company with focus on new products, new production technology, research and collaboration with leading universities.  The new R&D- and Test Center comprises laboratories, test facilities and parking spaces on the roof. The building becomes a workplace for approximately 100 people including about 40 researchers and specialists from all over the world.

Hempel’s headquarter is located just north of DTU Campus in a cluster of knowledge-based professions, which today form the Lyngby-Taarbæk City of Knowledge. With the expansion Hempel reinforces its profile as a focal point for research and innovation, which also supports the entire area’s vision to become one of Europe’s leading knowledge- and university areas with the best conditions for education, research, business and entrepreneurship.

In the second phase of the expansion a new office building, HQ2, is added in addition to the existing HQ1. When the entire expansion of Hempel is completed, the facilities will form a brand-new Hempel Campus, which will be exposed to the Helsingør Highway and located on both sides of the road, Lundtoftegårdsvej.

Across the road a footbridge is established to connect the entire headquarter across the road, and form a visual gate to Lyngby-Taarbæk City of Knowledge. In the future, you will thus get the experience of driving “through Hempel”.

The expansion of Hempel will draw clear architectural references to the existing headquarter, which Årstiderne Arkitekter designed back in 2013. In example, the iconic staircase, which characterizes HQ1, will be re-interpreted as a central motive in the new construction. This way, we will create a coherent architectural expression in the entire Hempel Campus.

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