October 2019

Årstiderne Arkitekter and Sweco open common engineering and architectural office in Aarhus

One of Denmark’s biggest engineering and architectural consulting firms, Sweco, is pursuing its strategy of bringing integrated consulting services close to its customers by opening a joint engineering and architectural office in a central Aarhus location. A historic building complex in the Trøjborg district, transformed by the company’s own architects and engineers, will provide the setting for the new workplace housing more than 180 employees.

“The decision to gather our Aarhus departments in Sweco and Årstiderne Arkitekter at one common location will undoubtedly consolidate our collaboration, and it opens up the possibility of providing even better integrated consulting services to our Jutland-based customers. We’re experiencing a rising demand for integrated solutions, and more and more projects call for both engineering and architectural services. I’m convinced that the best way for us to meet this demand is by sharing the same physical setting,” explains Dariush Rezai, CEO, Sweco Denmark.

The new joint office gathers Sweco’s engineers from the north of Aarhus with the architectural drawing office from the centre of Aarhus. The merger builds on the experiences of Sweco’s head office in Copenhagen, housing 1,200 architects and engineers under the same roof, and from Silkeborg where a new engineering department was established last year at Årstiderne Arkitekter’s drawing office.

Employees create their own setting
The historic building complex on Willemoesgade in the Trøjborg district will serve as the setting for the new common daily workplace for up to 180 engineers and architects. Årstiderne Arkitekter and Sweco are themselves responsible for transforming the former factory and warehouse complex into a modern office environment. The new office will be a large workplace in the city and infuse the area around the apartment-building lined Willemoesgade with lots of life.

The transformation of the complex is already under way, and Aarhus employees plan to move into the new office in Q3 2020.

Further information:
Anne Aksglæde Stahl, Head of Marketing and Communications, Sweco Danmark
T: +45 2165 6455 E: anne.aksglaede@sweco.dk