May 2019

Sweco and Årstiderne Arkitekter win competition for a new urban district in Favrholm

A team consisting of Sweco and Årstiderne Arkitekter has been named winners of the competition for the new urban district Favrholm North. The winning project brings together solutions within landscape architecture, infrastructure, climate protection and environment, and creates a new, green neighbourhood. Among other things, the neighbourhood will comprise housing, institutions, businesses as well as parks and urban spaces. The competition is one of the biggest projects, that Sweco Denmark and Årstiderne Arkitekter have won together since Sweco's acquisition of Årstiderne Arkitekter in 2018.

The winning team, which has just been revealed by Hillerød Municipality, must now concretise the master plan for the area with a combined engineering- and architecture project, that must be realized in 2022.

”We are incredibly proud to win this competition as a combined design team, where we show, which competencies the gathered Sweco holds within climate, environment, building development, infrastructure and landscape architecture, which in this case brings together the entire project, because the landscape architecture is integrated in each technical solution,” says Jimmy Bloch Sørensen, Department Manager for Roads in Sweco Denmark.

In the judgement the jury emphasizes, that the winning project is selected because of the coherence between the technical solutions and the landscape architecture.

“This is an extremely exciting project to become a part of – a brand new urban district, where the landscape architecture plays a crucial role in connecting the area in the form of green areas, urban spaces, planting as well as the art project Earthwork, which is being developed in cooperation with the international artist Maya Lin. Another exciting part of the project is the visionary development project “Livskraft”, which explores new forms of activities, physical facilities and social communities, that will promote the whole and healthy life,” says Christian Sørensen, Creative Manager for Landscape Architecture at Årstiderne Arkitekter, which is a part of Sweco.

“Livskraft” is a partnership between New Hospital North Zealand and Hillerød Municipality, which mixes art, culture, urban development, hospital care and research. In addition, the project includes a climate project, which is handled by Sweco’s experts within climate protection, water and environment.

”The project contains several challenges within climate protection, rainwater management and the high groundwater level, which characterizes the area at Favrholm Nord. In example, we will have to work with climate protection of roads and the residential areas, that can be affected by heavy rainfalls. In our interdisciplinary collaboration, we have identified some solutions, that will benefit the area both technically, functionally and aesthetically,” says Klaus Rosendal, Head of Water & Environment in Sweco Denmark.

The competition for Favrholm Nord is one of the biggest projects, that Sweco Denmark and Årstiderne Arkitekter win together since Sweco’s acquisition of Årstiderne Arkitekter in 2018. The interdisciplinary team must now concretize the master plan for the area, that has been designed by BOGL Arkitekter.



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