August 2018


The second construction phase and the expansion of Sluseholmen in Copenhagen’s southern harbour is in full swing, and at the biggest building plot of the area – Building Plot L - Årstiderne Arkitekter is designing a new 22.500 m2 block.

The 22.500 m2 block contains retail and businesses on the first two floors and on the remaining floors 209 apartments of varying size are being established. Furthermore, the block contains a new type of housing – entrepreneur apartments – which combine apartments with facilities for smaller shops, exhibitions or workshops.

The new block is inspired by canal cities like Hamburg and Amsterdam, and by working with a visual variation in the facade expression, the block is divided into 24 individual “townhouses” with different architectural expressions.

We are cooperating with Danica Pension, who is the developer, and with KPC who is the general contractor on the project. The block is expected to be finished in 2020.