September 2018

New headquarter in Copenhagen


In January 2018 Årstiderne Arkitekter was acquired by Sweco, and since the March 1st the company has worked as an integrated architectural division in Sweco Denmark.

The collaboration between the two companies is now further consolidated, when the two companies’ departments in Copenhagen are moving into a new joint headquarter in Ørestad.

On September 24th the employees from Årstiderne Arkitekter in Copenhagen will have their first working day in the new headquarter.

“By physically moving together, we strengthen the cooperation and integration with Sweco. This means that we will now have direct access to professional engineering competencies, and we can easily share knowledge and design strong common projects to the delight of our customers,” says Torben Klausen, CEO at Årstiderne Arkitekter.

The other architectural offices of Årstiderne Arkitekter will continue their work in Silkeborg, Aarhus and Herning.

The new domicile, that is located on Ørestads Boulevard 41, will house up to 800 employees and will be the new headquarter of Sweco Denmark.