May 2019

New housing project will kick-start the development of a new urban district in Aalborg

At Aalborg’s former distillery “Spritfabrikken” a new urban district will develop over the coming years. The construction of the area's first two residential buildings, designed by Årstiderne Arkitekter, has just begun.

The vision for the new district in Aalborg, which is located next to The Limfjord Canal, is to transform the city’s iconic distillery from 1931 into a new part of town with art and culture as the pivotal point. At the entrance to the new district, two new residential buildings will rise over the coming months. The project will be the first in the new district, and will thus kickstart the further development of the entire area, which will measure 80.000 m2.

“With the new housing, we want to create the best architectural starting point for the further development of the area. It has been crucial for us to analyse the area, and to incorporate two different architectural expressions into the new buildings. This way, we will create the opportunity for others to interpret both the existing architecture and our buildings, and thus create a diverse architectural expression throughout the district,” says Peter Iversen, Creative Manager at Årstiderne Arkitekter.

The two housing projects, which together will measure 16.000 m2, are located next to each other, and will comprise both private housing, senior housing and youth housing. The vision of the overall project is to create a diverse and safe home for the residents with shared, inviting outdoor areas – for example, the residents will have access to green common rooftop terraces during the day.

The project is developed in collaboration with A. Enggaard.

Read more about the project: Spritfabrikken, Aalborg


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