May 2019

Ph.d. and light designer Merete Madsen speaks for The Swedish Riksdag about modern lighting design in the school

On UNESCO's International Day of Light, Ph.D. and Lighting Designer Merete Madsen speaks for the Swedish Riksdag at a seminar about lighting in schools and the importance of light for children's well-being and concentration ability.

On May 16, The International Day of Light is marked on the initiative of the UN organisation for education, science and culture, UNESCO. The goal of the day is to raise awareness of how light and lighting technology affect our everyday lives and quality of life – including how light and light technology can be used as a tool in the future development of society.

To mark the day, The Swedish Riksdag holds a seminar with focus on lighting in the school, and on how light and light technology can help improve the teaching environment, and the pupils’ well-being and results in school.

At the seminar, Ph.D. and Lighting Designer Merete Madsen is invited to speak for the Swedish parliamentary members about our experiences with daylight optimization, lighting design and lighting control in the Danish elementary school. The presentation is based on a research collaboration with Aalborg University, which focuses on school lighting as an pedological tool.

“Daylight and the quality of artificial lighting are crucial for the well-being, learning, mental health and concentration ability of our children during a school day. Light in school is basically about ensuring as much clean daylight as possible. In addition, it is about designing the artificial lighting, so that the light can be varied and adapted to the teaching situations, that the children have during the school day – whether they must be concentrated, listen to a presentation, discuss with each other or immerse themselves,” says Merete Madsen.

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