June 2020

Lindbjergskolen wins School Building of the year 2020

Lindbjergskolen in Hammerum has been named winner of School Building of the Year 2020. The School is remarkable with its thoughts on the 24-7 school of the future, its child-friendly layout and its connection to the local environment and nature. The award was presented to the school, builder and advisers today at a festive celebration at Lindbjergskolen.

A total of five projects have been on the short-list, and today the veil was raised for which school will be awarded the School Building of the Year 2020 award. This year it was Lindbjergskolen in Hammerum that won the recognition.

“Lindbjergskolen has been a fantastic project to work on, because one of the challenges was to make the school more than just a school. We have created a new powerhouse in the local community, which benefits pupils, staff, but also the entire Hammerum-Gjellerup. That is the main idea with the 24-7-concept, where both outdoor and indoor areas are available to the entire city – even in the evening hours. We are super proud that the award has been sent in our direction,” says Peter Kristiansen, creative director for Teaching and Leisure at Årstiderne Arkitekter.

Lindbjergskolen is a public school with room for more than 1000 students, which was inaugurated in early 2020.

“Lindbjergskolen looks into the future – as it, among other things, does not subscribe to the basic class principle. Instead, the school builds on the idea of a teaching environment where pupils move between classrooms and workshops and where the link between theoretical and practical learning is at centre. Together with the rest of the team, we have created an inspiring and healthy framework for learning, where parameters such as daylight, movement and communities are in focus,” says Peter Kristiansen.

A child-friendly and inspirational school
In the assessment of the school, several elements got praised along the way from the competition jury: the outdoor environments, the connection to nature and the local environment, color and material choices as well as layout, which invites play, learning and movement. The judge’s report states, among other factors:

“Lindbjergskolen has a really nice children’s environment with great opportunity for expression, movement and not least learning. If I were ten years old – I have no doubt I would find that ‘my school is super cool’. The school’s location and connection to the surrounding nature make the development opportunities as well as the use of the building and the landmark great (…) The school is designed in a way that involves the local area organizations in the afternoon, which provides a good connection between the school and the outside world. ”

The award for School Building of the Year is awarded by Nohrcon based on a public vote and a jury’s rating. Lindbjergskolen is designed and built in collaboration with Sweco, Herning Municipality, KPC, Autens, Skala Architects and, not least, management, staff and pupils at Lindebjergskolen, who have played a major role in the entire design process.