October 2018

Kunstnerkarréen has been pre-certified for DGNB Gold

Due to a strong focus on social and environmental qualities, the new housing area in Copenhagen, Kunstnerkarréen, has been pre-certified for a sustainable DGNB Gold award.

With the pre-certification the future residents of the area will move into homes, where the indoor environment meets some of the highest standards of sustainability – in example the houses will only be constructed by materials, that is not environmentally damaging.

In addition, the project focuses on attractive outdoor areas, where each home will be designed with a private terrace or a balcony. Also, the project focuses on common outdoor areas with facilities tailored for both children, families, singles and elderly making the area attractive to different groups of residents.

The pre-certification is also explained by the fact that the construction site meets high demands according to the workmen’s machinery and the design of the construction site creating safe and healthy working conditions.

When the project is completed in 2019, we aim to achieve the final DGNB Gold certification. The sustainability team of Årstiderne Arkitekter continuously follows the work on the construction site, and guides the builders and executives to meet the requirements for the final certification.

For further information:
Henriette Falk Olesen, DGNB-auditor and Architect
T: +45 9628 0803 M: +45 2829 6581 E: hfo@aarstiderne.dk

Anne Aksglæde Stahl, Head of Marketing and Communication
T: +45 7024 2168 M: +45 2165 6455 E: aas@aarstiderne.dk