March 2020

For the first time ever, a combined care center and nursery are being built on Danish ground.

For the first time ever in Denmark, a building which combines a care center and a nursery is constructed. Årstiderne Arkitekter and Sweco are jointly selected as winners of the competition to build the visionary project in Vejle.

Community, security and friendships across generations are some of the main values, when the Gauerslund Joint Institution is completed in 2023.

“It is a unique project that will help increase the cohesion in the local area. Many Danish care centers already involve visits from local kindergartens with great success, and the shared experiences are rewarding for both children and the elderly. We are extremely pleased to be able to implement this innovative project, and as the first in Denmark to put shape and space on these types of synergies,” says Inge Skytte Nielsen, creative director for Almene Boliger at Årstiderne Arkitekter.

The vision of the project is to create a building that will become an asset in the local area and which with its design will support meetings and interaction between children, nursing home residents and the rest of the town. Therefore, a large activity center is placed at the center of the project, where both residents, nursing staff,  the day care center, guests and citizens from the rest of the town can meet for example café visits, creative workshop days, bingo or market days – and meet naturally.

The common institution’s outdoor areas are designed with a focus on ensuring that the areas can be used by many different users during the day. For example, the outdoor areas of the day care center will be created with activity elements such as Tarzan playground, ball parks and mountain bike routes that can be used by the day care center during the daytime or by the children from the nearby residential area and the town’s school.

In addition, the areas can also be used as a balance and motor function lane for people who pass the area on their way through the town, while a potential animal park will greatly benefit the children of the daycare center, nursing home residents and the town’s families.

“In the preparation of the project, we have screened the entire project in relation to both social, environmental and economic sustainability based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainability is becoming a central part of our design process, and right now we see the opportunity to incorporate initiatives that contribute to 15 of the 17 global goals to a greater or lesser extent – for example, goal 11 on ‘Sustainable cities and communities’ and goal 13 about ‘climate action’, where we will, for example, work with rainwater collection, biodiversity and healthy and robust building materials with longevity, ”says Esben Molsted, project manager at Sweco Southern Denmark.

The task is won in total counselling. According to the plan, children, nursing home residents and citizens can start to use the combined centre in 2023. The project is made for Vejle Municipality, which is the contractor.

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