October 2019

An ultra-urbanisation project with a secluded urban neighbourhood overlooking the city

The building project Himmelbyen stacks a variety of urban functions and creates a new housing area at 6th-floor level in the centre of Ørestad. The recently completed Himmelbyen covers 26,000 m2 and merges with Ørestaden’s building stock as a prominent, active element of the district.

Himmelbyen is a mixed-use building that features several functions – four floors of commercial enterprise, convenience stores and an entertainment centre for families and children. Above this are floors for self-storage, topped with 128 apartments of varying sizes.

“Urbanisation sometimes requires taking an innovative approach to resolving urban density. So, in order to create a healthy urban environment, it is important for us as architects to design buildings which encourage collective functionalism. Himmelbyen is a complex project that intensifies the city because we stack multiple urban functions on the same building plot. In so doing, we create an ultra-urbanisation project,” explains Mikkel Westfall, Creative Manager, Årstiderne Arkitekter, adding:

“The corner plot in Ørestad was challenging to build on, but we transformed it into something positive by taking advantage of the building plot vertically. This enabled us to actively use the building’s many floors to create a unique, secluded urban district at the top.”

Urban neighbourhood six floors up
Himmelbyen got its name from the construction project’s residential component, where one arrives at the 128 apartments 18 metres off the ground. Being situated at the top of the building significantly raises the dwellings’ quality – as they all overlook the surrounding area and are designed for ideal daylight.

Upon arriving at Himmelbyen’s residential section, residents encounter a green, open courtyard, which serves as a common area. From here there is access to entrances and lift shafts leading directly up to the homes on the superjacent levels whose many housing units also feature private balconies.

Further information:
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