August 2018

Laura Hus – a vivid building in Carlsberg Byen


Laura Hus is located in the new Copenhagen district Carlsberg Byen and only 10 meters away from the historic Elephant Gate. Thus, the building has been built in the centre of Copenhagen cultural history.

Laura Hus contains both housing floors, a café, offices and a showroom and by that the building contributes to the new district as a vivid building.

The historic context has been the inspiration for the architecture of Laura Hus that has been designed as a simple and neutral neighbour to its historic surroundings – among others the Elephant Gate. Also, the building contains clear architectural references to the surroundings buildings.

“The vision with Laura Hus was to create a modern and discreet building that respects its surrounding without looking poor compared to its iconic neighbours”
– Anders Lyhne, Architect at Laura Hus and creative director at Årstiderne Arkitekter