April 2019

The transformation of Svendborg Harbour has started

The first phase of Denmark's biggest climate proofing project, Den Blå Kant, has just been started in Svendborg.

The main ambition for Den Blå Kant (The Blue Edge) is to climate proof Svendborg Harbour, which today is exposed to floods and extreme climate events. At the same time the harbour’s existing cultural environments are developed, adding new recreational and social value to the harbour area and to the city.

“To secure Svendborg against cloudbursts and increased water level, one of the main thrusts in the project is to establish rainwater management and flood control. At the same time, it has been important to us to ensure the city’s direct connection to the water. An important element is therefore to place the necessary climate protection edge on the outside of the inner harbour, to avoid a shielding barrier in the harbour environment. This way, the inner harbour remains open, and we ensure access to the water for both citizens and visitors,” says Christian Sørensen, Creative Manager for Landscape Architecture at Årstiderne Arkitekter.

Today Svendborg Harbour consists of various maritime and cultural environments, each with its special character – from the historical wooden ship harbour to the industrial gasworks central and the southern harbour, that is characterized by low-rise buildings with high conservation value and maritime leisure facilities. The entire transformation will be carried out based on the existing, local environments. Thus, the existing diversity of the harbour is the starting point for further development of the area, which in the future will offer opportunities for different ages and user groups.

The project is developed in collaboration with Svendborg Municipality, EFFEKT, WTM Engineers and ArcGency.  Learn more about the project here: https://aarstiderne.dk/en/cases/den-blaa-kant/

For further information
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