February 2019

Chimney House is completed – an ambitious housing project focusing on Danish design

Chimney House is a new project located on an attractive building plot at Svanemøllen Beach north of Copenhagen. Årstiderne Arkitekter is the studio behind the unique housing, that has just been completed.

Chimney House is a project consisting of two separate buildings on the same building plot – an existing chimney building with refined brickwork details and a newly built six-storey point house.

Part of the project has been to transform the site’s chimney building, and to give it a new life by transforming it into a new showroom, event space and mini-hotel for the Danish design company Vipp. At the same time, a new, modern point house has been built with a total of 11 spacious apartments, that draws its architectural inspiration from the many brick houses in the area with large window sections, wooden details and a simple, elegant idiom.

In the design of Chimney House, there has been a constant focus on craftmanship and Danish quality materials, which are used throughout the entire design both inside and outside. For example, bricks, windows, doors and floors are carefully selected with a focus on Danish quality, and all apartments are decorated with Danish-designed kitchens and fixtures.

The project is developed in cooperation with KOM-KBH, Studio David Thulstrup and Vipp.

Read more here: Chimney House

For further information
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