July 2020

Work is an activity. Not a place. Five things corona has taught us about the future’s workplace.

Months of shutting down the country have shown new ways for how we can work and collaborate. Read Mette Gravergaard's five offers on what Covid-19 has taught us about the layout of the workplace of the future.

Changed work patterns and new habits are changing businesses – and with that the way we organize our workplace. Corona has made us change behaviors and it has shown us that we can work in different places and environments. Most of us finds it comfortable to have alternatives to the classic desktop – the corona-crisis has made that evident.

This is according to Mette Gravergaard, creative director of Space Planning and Interior Design at Årstiderne Arkitekter:

“For many years we have talked about the activity-based workplace. However, the recent months’ shutdown have really shown us, how we can use the potential of activity-based work – that we are not necessarily the most creative and effective at a desk. Corona has made us change our behavior and with more than 17 years of experience as an architect specializing in space planning, COVID-19 has, in my point of view, clarified five specific points that can be of importance of how we design our workplaces in the future,” Mette Gravergaard says, adding:

“For example, we can use the layout of the workplace to counteract the consequences of pandemics in the future. However, we have also learnt other things that can have an impact on the companies’ climate footprint and joy in work of the individual employee – and such; the company’s image.”

Read the five points here (in Danish)

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