January 2019

Årstiderne Arkitekter wins “Sygehusgrunden” in Herning

In team with KPC and ÅF Ingeniører, Årstiderne Arkitekter has been appointed winners of the architecture competition for “Sygehusgrunden” in Herning with the project Herning+.

Herning+ will be a new urban district with more than 50.000 m2 of housing comprising both townhouses, apartment blocks and villas. In addition, the city’s historic hospital is transformed into youth housing and senior housing. The whole area will be connected by green outdoor areas, that will support meetings and social communities between the residents. When Herning+ is completed the city will get a brand new urban district, that will originate from the area around the city’s existing hospital – a complex of beautiful red stone buildings, that have worked as the inspiration for the entire area’s architecture.

“We are very proud that we, together with KPC and ÅF, will shape this new residential area and huge development project for Herning. Herning is a pretty young city, and it is thus crucial for us, that the new district is based on the area’s special building history. The beautiful buildings and historic urban spaces around the hospital have acted as catalyst for our approach to the development of the entire area. In addition, we have worked actively to create a district, that is connected to the surrounding city,” says Anders Kærsgaard, architect and Department Head for Årstiderne Arkitekter in Western Denmark.

In the process, the existing hospital is transformed into youth housing and senior housing, and furthermore the three charming medical residences are converted into exclusive townhouses.

In the transformation, the special details of the buildings will be renovated while still respecting the original architecture. In addition, all new buildings in Herning + will be inspired by the existing architecture, where both scale, the red bricks and the many special brick details are re-interpreted in the facades of the new buildings. This way, a coherent residential area is created with a recognizable identity in the middle of Herning.

A manifold area designed after the users’ wishes
“In order to make Herning + a vibrant and dynamic district, we have worked actively to integrate as many housing types as possible in the area to attract different types of people – this will be a neighbourhood, where young people, seniors, families with children and singles will live side by side. By implementing a number of common functions, outdoor areas as well as shops and businesses, we create a dynamic circadian rhythm in the district, that will live in both day and evening hours,” says Anders Kærsgaard.

Herning + will contain townhouses, villas, youth housing, senior housing and apartments designed for different family patterns and age groups.

Herning+ consists of two districts – each with its own housing types and landscape architecture. One district is characterized by the existing hospital and the partly protected, park-like outdoor areas, while the outdoor spaces in the new district are shaped by the new blocks and are designed with community gardens, an amphitheatre, a park, a rooftop playground and a fruit grove. The two neighbourhoods meet in the area’s central square called “Bytorvet” where the district’s landmark will be constructed – a high-rise building with housing, businesses and common functions in the ground floor.

The community between residents and the life between the buildings is a high priority in the planning of Herning+.

The winning team consists to a great extent of local companies from Herning.

“With our local knowledge to associations, day care centres and public housing associations in the vicinity, we will involve the citizens of Herning to help us define a number of the functions in the new district. We have an incredible collaboration with KPC on the project, and Herning+ is now added to the list of projects, that we have collaborated on. The project is special for both companies, and our shared commitment and interest in activating the new district is huge, because Herning provides a framework for both our workplace and our cultural- and social life. We are not only visiting – we have to guarantee that Herning + will be a success,” concludes Anders Kærsgaard.

Anders Kærsgaard, architect and Head Department, Årstiderne Arkitekter, West
T: +45 7024 1015 M: +45 2338 7154 E: ak@aarstiderne.dk

Anne Aksglæde Stahl, Head of Marketing and Communication, Årstiderne Arkitekter
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