June 2020

Årstiderne Arkitekter and Sweco is designing Dianalund’s new sustainable district based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

As part of Sorø Municipality's Vision 2022 and ambitions to attract more inhabitants, the municipality has asked Sweco to draw up a master plan for the development of the 175,000 m2 area, Pilegårdstrekanten in Dianalund. The new district will translate the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into architecture and show how sustainable materials and design can create a healthy neighborhood with great diversity, quality of life and communities among the 300-400 new homes and up to 1,000 new residents.

Pilegårdstrekanten lies in Dianalund – just between the city center and the hospice Filadelfia and with a view over fields as far as the eye can see. It is an attractive area that combines town and countryside, which Sorø Municipality now will develop into a sustainable district with a mix of housing types. The municipality has asked Årstiderne Arkitekter and Sweco to devise a comprehensive plan for the area, which will set the framework for the development of the district, where the UN’s SDGs must be translated into concrete, physical elements, which the new residents of Dianalund will benefit from.

– I am very pleased that we now have reached this point, where we have chosen the company that will design a plan for the area. The choice has fallen on Sweco because they have shown that they have an eye for creating an exciting neighborhood that is sustainable in social, economic and climate terms. I look forward to following the development of the area – and not least to the fact that we can expect to put the first reasons for sale in the beginning of 2022, says Gert Jørgensen Mayor of Sorø Municipality.

Overall plan and Sustainable Development Goals
The UN’s 17 SDGs are increasingly included in municipals and companies’ work with sustainability, but in order to make the SDGs more than just abstract headings, it is crucial for Sorø Municipality that Sweco translates the goals into concrete housing architecture and scenic expressions. It will create a good framework for life and communities and make it clear that the Municipality of Sorø contributes in meeting the ambitious SDGs.

– Our task is very clear, but at the same time open and challenging. How can we translate the SDGs into physical measures that make them relevant to citizens? Specifically we will, e.g. work with goal 13, which is about climate, and look at how we can use rainwater to create recreational areas, which will make rainwater a resource – instead of a problem, explains Malene Jensen, project manager for the development of the overall plan at Årstiderne Arkitekter, which is part of Sweco.

Focus on communities
Malene Jensen says that the advisory team, among other things, looks at how the district can help create new large and smaller communities:

– The district may consist of a mix of housing types with the ambition of creating large and smaller communities across generations, e.g. through houses for joint activities with guest homes and shared kitchens and with that, the opportunity for meetings between the area’s residents and guests. At the same time, the plan is to connect the district to the rest of Dianalund via existing and new roads and paths, so Pilegårdstrekanten becomes an integral part of the city, says Malene Jensen.

Right now, Sweco’s traffic, acoustics and environmental engineers and architects are working on analyzes of the area that will form the basis for the development of an ambitious overall plan for Pilegårdstrekanten, which will ultimately lead to a local plan. The first milestone is illustrations of how the area can be developed and a presentation to the municipality shortly before the summer holidays.

Facts about the Pilegårdstrekanten in Dianalund

  • A 175,000 m2 large area close to the city center, library, school and the Hospice Filadelfia and nature
  • A mix of housing types ie. townhouses, storehouses and detached houses
  • Total approx. 300-400 homes and up to 1000 residents
  • The area and housing will be designed and layouted as sustainably as possible with inspiration from the UN’s SDGs and Sorø Municipality’s Vision 2022

Expected schedule

  • Presentation of a comprehensive plan and visualization for the municipality in summer 2020
  • Political adoption of local plan proposals December 2020
  • Hearing January 2021
  • Finally adopted in April 2021
  • Site development September 2021 – February 2022

Supply and sale of land in February 2022 with expected acquisition in June 2022.


Further information
Morten Laasholdt, Press Officer
M: +45 31 17 71 17
E: morten.laasholdt@sweco.dk