August 2019

Årstiderne Arkitekter designs new open-air bathing resorts in Silkeborg

Bathing jetties, children's pools and saunas are some of the facilities, that citizens and visitors in Silkeborg can look forward to, when the city's new bathing resorts – Eastern- and Western Bathing Resort - open for the season in 2020. The new bathing resorts are designed to protect the area's special nature and the lake's biodiversity.

Årstiderne Arkitekter is the studio behind the design of Silkeborg’s two new open-air baths, which over the coming year will be built in the scenic lake, Almindsø, thus replacing the existing baths, which have been popular with the city’s citizens for many years.

“Silkeborg’s new bathing facilities will support the city’s vision of being Denmark’s outdoor capital, and will offer various activities for both winter bathers, summer guests, athletes and children – for example, there will be a sauna at Eastern Bathing Resort, while both resorts will comprise changing facilities and safe, framed children’s pools, ”says Peter Kristiansen, Creative Manager for Learning and Leisure at Årstiderne Arkitekter.

Designed to protect nature and biodiversity
The two bathing resorts have been developed in close cooperation with the Danish Nature Agency. The permission for the project is given based on a thorough habitat impact assessment, which ensures that the new resorts can be built without consequences for the area’s animals, plants and aquatic environment. The nature around Almindsø contains a high biodiversity – in example with several rare species of underwater plants.

“Almindsø is part of an international protection area, which commits to maintaining a good water quality. Therefore, the behavior of the guests must be controlled and limited in order to minimize the impact on the nature. The vision of the new bathing resorts is to improve the experience of the bathers, while at the same time creating facilities, that ensure protection of the biodiversity in the lake and the surrounding nature,” says Peter Kristiansen.

Inspired by nature’s own forms, the circle is the basic idea behind the design. The interconnected bridges – with integrated buildings and facilities – will invite the bathers to use the bridges as they move around the resorts – this way the buildings and bridges will affect the nature minimally. The new sea baths will be built in locally produced wood and will be bolted together without the use of fittings.

The new sea baths will be built during the winter, so that the new facilities can be ready for the bathing season in 2020. The project has been developed in collaboration with the Municipality of Silkeborg.