June 2019

Årstiderne Arkitekter and Sweco design a new urban district in Horsens – Nørrestrand will be a landscape village with 450 homes

A team consisting of Årstiderne Arkitekter and Sweco will lead the development of a new, green district in Horsens comprising 450 homes. The project, which is developed for Birch Ejendomme, creates a new district with nature as the pivotal point with a focus on visible rainwater management, green meadows, wild nature and use of the area's many belonging plant species in the landscape architecture.

Nørrestrand is one of Denmark’s largest nature- and urban development areas located north of Horsens and surrounded by fields and large meadows. In the future, the entire new district, Nørrestrand, will cover an area of 260.000 m² – Årstiderne Arkitekter and Sweco will now develop 225.000 m2 of the area. The project’s first phase has just been approved by Horsens Town Council.

“We are happy to develop another project together with Birch Ejendomme. The vision for Nørrestrand is to create a new type of district – a landscape village – where we draw the nature from the meadows into the village and maintain the wild nature of the area. This concept is supported by rainwater management, which is handled visibly, creating a coherent system of meandering streams, rainwater beds and lakes. The rainwater solution thus handles the necessary drainage and at the same time, it creates recreational “blue” spaces for the benefit of the future residents, “says Per Laustsen, Architect and Founder of Årstiderne Arkitekter.

The district’s 450 homes are divided into different types of housing – in example terraced houses, point houses and apartment blocks, which with varying sizes will attract a manifold group of residents. The different housing types are divided into smaller enclaves – each designed with its own identity and character. In Enggårdene, Viften, Karréen and Klyngen the residents will be able to follow the seasons change – for example by following the amount of rainwater in the lakes and the varying planting in the enclaves changing character throughout the year.

Integrated design – a strong team of architects and engineers
The Nørrestrand project is developed by an integrated design team consisting of architects, landscape architects, road engineers, rainwater specialists, geotechnical engineers and biologists from Sweco and Årstiderne Arkitekter.

“Nørrestrand is super exciting for Sweco, because it is a project, where knowledge and competencies from all our divisions within engineering and architectural consulting have been in play. For example, our department for water and environment has been involved in screenings in relation to soil pollution, animal- and plant life and the complex rainwater project. In addition, our road engineers ensure a well-functioning road system for the entire Nørrestrand area, while construction engineers and architects work together on the architecture in both landscape and buildings,” says Frands Wulff Andersen, Engineer and Group Manager at Sweco Denmark.

The building plot is located highly, which is used to create optimal views of the surrounding landscape, Horsens City and the cultural institution “Fængslet”, which is near Nørrestrand.

For further information
Anne Aksglæde Stahl, Head of Marketing and Communications, Sweco Denmark and Årstiderne Arkitekter
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Per Laustsen, Architect and Founder of Årstiderne Arkitekter
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Frands Wulff Andersen, Engineer and Group Manager, Sweco Denmark
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