March 2020

100 new homes are developing Godsbanen as Aarhus’ creative meeting place

The burgeoning and creative district Godsbanen in Aarhus is now under further development with the addition of more residential square meters to the area. Årstiderne Arkitekter has won the competition, together with KPC, to design two new residential buildings on Godsbanen.

In recent years, the former freight rail area in Aarhus has evolved from a raw industrial area to a new creative district, which today is a central focal point for a booming entrepreneurial environment and a wide range of cultural events – soon, Aarhus’ new architectural school will also be completed on Godsbanen. Over the next few years, people in Aarhus will be able to see two new residential buildings rise in the area. With a combination of apartments and townhouses, the new housing project will continue the diversity that characterizes the area today.

“We have worked with different types of housing to further develop the unique diversity of Godsbanen – both smaller apartments for friends, students and couples, as well as larger townhouses that will attract seniors or families. A wide combination of residents helps to create a good urban life, because different residents use the area at different times and in different ways. It will create life around the clock, “says Peter Iversen, Creative Manager  at Årstiderne Arkitekter.

The project is designed with an overall ambition to create an area that will not only be used by the residents, but which will provide quality for all who are part of Godsbanen. The new building will be located on Kjeld Tolstrups Gade, which will be a central place of Godsbanen. The lower floors of the project are designed as small commercial areas with room for cafes, galleries, workshops or small shops, which will create life and activity on street level.

“We want to create a project, that gives something back to the city and does not close around itself. Therefore, the idea is, that the entire courtyard will be a public urban space with green oases, playgrounds, barbecue areas and community gardens that attract people from the city, the architectural school and Godsbanen,” Peter Iversen explains and concludes:

“The architectural concept is based on Godsbanen’s industrial-historical DNA, where we have designed the entire project as two individual buildings – each with its own expression – a thrust that is true to the existing architecture of Godsbanen which means that the facade towards Ny Godsbanegade is not monotonous.”

The construction is expected to begin in 2020.

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