Urban Planning

Shaping tomorrow’s towns and cities

In Urban Planning we are specialists in creating the basis for tomorrow’s towns and cities. We advise our clients within every aspect of urban planning, from strategic urban development and feasibility studies to master plans and local development plans.

Our expertise in urban planning covers task solving within different segments such as housing, office and business, retail, transformation and renovation. We propel processes and involve the right qualifications at the right time.

We possess in-depth knowledge of the Danish Planning Act (Planloven) and we navigate on the basis of our extensive experience within the complex world of planning. We assure dialogue with developers, local authorities, politicians and citizens in a cross-field where architectural quality, market mechanisms, economics and political visions all must synthesise. Based on our professional expertise and experience, we know the perspectives from all sides of the table. We transform this knowledge into sustainable and value-creating solutions.

We use our expertise in urban planning and our knowledge on urban growth, climate and sustainability to create a healthy basis for tomorrow’s towns and cities.

You can learn more about our competencies here (in Danish).


Mette Fuglkjær
Mette Fuglkjær
Creative Manager, East
Urban Planning
Architect Cand. Arch.
Tel. +45 7024 2138
Mob. +45 3168 7741
Mette Geertsen
Mette Geertsen
Creative Manager, West
Urban Planning
Architect MAA
Tel. +45 7024 1025
Mob. +45 4076 7381