Transformation and Renovation

We renovate with respect for the original architecture

Historic and heritage buildings are a major part of our history and architectural heritage. We have transformed and revitalised a wide range of existing buildings and urban environments, drawing on our many years of experience.

Our Transformation and Renovation team has great insight into how to renovate and transform existing buildings and urban environments. We are experts in building alterations, and our specialist employees build upon each building’s inherent qualities so that every modification respects the heritage value.

On every project, we carefully analyse and map the existing building complex, so we can assess which qualities, potential and architectural features we must maintain and build on. We use the latest methods – including 3D SLAM scanning – to create a precise model of the existing building, enabling us to build and modify on a more qualified basis. This allows us to preserve architecture and cultural heritage while also upgrading buildings and urban environments to a modern standard.


Rasmus Tøgern
Rasmus Tøgern
Creative Manager, East
Architect MAA
Mob. +45 2217 9807