Spaceplanning and Interior Design

Interior concepts that support the company’s vision and identity

Spaceplanning is an effective way to create inspiring physical settings for an organisation. We develop interior design concepts that combine functionality and aesthetics, and support the company’s work processes, identity and vision.

Following a holistic and managed approach – and drawing on our many years of experience – we create results that not only increase productivity but also promote well-being, job satisfaction and employee learning.

We identify organisations’ patterns of behaviour, visions and needs and combine them in a single design concept which supports the flexibility and creativity demanded of competitive businesses today.  Our portfolio encompasses interior design for offices, hotels, shops and restaurants.

Our team consists of dedicated experts in the fields of architecture, graphic design, sociology and product and interior design. This means that we can manage the entire process – from formulating the company’s needs and vision to user involvement and a complete interior design with the perfect finish.

Our approach

Our solutions and interior design projects are as diverse as our customers, and we know that the best interior designs are developed and arranged to suit the people and organisations that will be using them. We therefore work with nine steps that ensure an efficient and thorough process in which all aspects of a good successful space planning project are covered – from formulating the vision and user involvement to the design concept and final handover.

Vision and roles
We get to know your company so that we can formulate the right vision and success criteria for the project, and assign roles and responsibilities in collaboration with the management. Manager involvement is essential for a good process. We help clarify who has decision-making authority and who should be involved in the process.

Needs analysis
This phase involves delving into the engine room of the organisation to gather the knowledge required to anchor the project. We identify the users’ needs and wishes through interviews with top management, department heads and employees. We listen and acknowledge, but also push your company to look at different potential solutions for your needs.

User involvement
User involvement is an important way to promote a sense of project ownership and achieve a common understanding of the change process. Through workshops tailored to your business, we help employees specify their needs and wishes.

Resource planning
Based on the knowledge gained from the workshop, we will prepare a relationship diagram and use it to assign the company’s various functions in a resource plan. We will coordinate overall logistics, work areas and support facilities so that they work together.

Design concept
The design concept is prepared based on your company’s DNA to ensure a homogeneous design line throughout the building, thereby supporting the company’s brand optimally.

Detailed interior design
In the detailed interior design phase, we ensure that the project details are all in place, and that statutory requirements, electricity, lighting, AV, furnishings and the interior design concept all work in harmony.

As a natural extension of the design concept and detailed interior design, we also work to implement the company’s graphical identity in the interior design, for example on signs, to ensure that it supports logical navigation through the project.

Furnishing process
We take care of calls for tenders, requirements specifications, trial visits and dialogue with suppliers, and prepare furnishing proposals which are presented to and approved by the customer.

Occupancy and implementation
We organise moving logistics and tendering the moving process. We make sure the project has the right styling and finish, and handle the final implementation of furnishings, IT, art, decorations, custom-designed furnishings, graphics and operation and maintenance. In other words, we are with you to the end, and make sure that employees settle in and that the essential finer details are in place for handover.


Mette Gravergaard
Mette Gravergaard
Creative Manager / Team Manager
Space Planning and Interior Design
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