We translate your business model into functional retail design

Our Retail department develops everything from stand-alone stores to shopping centres and chains, and translate your business model into functional retail design.

As architects, we are involved in every detail of our projects – from the most efficient car park flow to a functional store design and efficient goods delivery. We think and design architecture, logistics and layout holistically to create a unified optimal solution. We have done so for over 20 years, and during this time we have been responsible for more than 1.5 million sqm of commercial projects, spread throughout the Nordic region.

Our approach
We know that every stroke we draw has an impact on the economics when construction is complete, and can have a direct impact on revenue. We familiarise ourselves with our customers’ situations, and this enables us to make a difference – also for our customers’ customers. The result is retail buildings and areas that live and function, and which can be changed and adapted in step with changing conditions and needs.

For us, efficiency, flexibility and speed are vital to a successful process. We have therefore integrated these as a conscious part of our work, and have defined the tools to ensure effective analysis. Our approach is commercial and rational, and we are very targeted in our work. We put together a specialised team for each project, and assign a key account manager to each customer.

Services and expertise

We have extensive knowledge and competencies in our field, and can therefore offer our customers a range of retail architecture services.

Profiling, identity and concept development
We can help create a new identity or optimise your profile, to bring your vision and values into sharp relief for your customers. We match materials and details, and clarify your core ideas, so that they are developed and manifested in a dynamic concept. Concept development is part of our process and creates cohesion in relation to the ideas we define together with the customer.

Traffic and logistics
We know that the customer experience begins before they arrive at the store. It is therefore important that we have analysed how customers arrive from the feeder routes, and what consequences the infrastructure may have for traffic and daily revenue.

Customer flow
Customer behaviour in the store is a key factor. We know how to optimise customer flow in relation to the goods you are selling. We look at the flow from A-Z – from the moment the customer arrives in the store, circulates and then departs.

Optimisation and space planning
We translate your guidelines into practice in new or existing premises: Each column and wall placed in a room has an impact on the store layout and the daily revenue when the project is completed.

Implementation and planning
We are specialists in implementing store layout and concepts, and understand and respect the surrounding conditions when a thought-out concept has to be integrated. We understand developers and technical inspection, and ensure that everything is completed in line with the customer’s expectations for interior design, quality and finish.

We integrate sustainable solutions from the start of the project – in relation to everything from the landscape, choice of materials and technical solutions to daily operations.


Kiri Lysbjerg Hedegaard
Kiri Lysbjerg Hedegaard
Creative Manager
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Jonas Snickert
Jonas Snickert
Market Manager
Architect MAA
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