Public housing

Future-proof homes based on the needs of the users

As experienced advisors within public housing we know that this work requires an approach where residents, urban areas and sustainability are in focus and considered as a whole.

As architects in the public housing sector, we spend our days among our customers and their residents. We are therefore familiar with the specific workflows, processes, stakeholders and procedures linked to this sector. We have extensive knowledge and offer professional advice regarding residential community rules, legislation and building technology.

We renovate with great respect and innovate with insight, because we know that people’s well-being and quality of life is greatly determined by the setting they live in – inside and out. In all our projects, we strive to create quality future-proof homes for the almost one million Danes who currently live in public housing.

User involvment
We create homes for people, and to ensure the best possible settings, we familiarise ourselves with the things residents expect from their homes – today and in the future.

User involvement is our most important method in this process. Årstiderne Arkitekter has extensive experience with facilitating user involvement and guiding residents and decision-makers through the many choices and options that arise during the construction process. We do this at workshops and dialogue meetings, where we ask the right questions and articulate the values and wishes that are possible to meet within the given construction budget. When we listen and understand residents’ needs, we can create the best possible settings for life in Denmark’s public housing.

We have great respect for the success of a good process, and we know that it is a vital tool for encouraging involvement, co-ownership and clearly aligned expectations. User involvement also helps optimise construction processes and ensure more efficient project planning.


Inge Nielsen Skytte
Inge Nielsen Skytte
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Public housing
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