Office and Business

Architecture with an attention to detail that supports the company’s values, culture and workflow

We design and transform modern, sustainable and future-proof commercial buildings that combine aesthetics with functionality and the company’s DNA.

To ensure that our architecture is healthy and pleasant to stay in we work actively with natural lighting, indoor climate, material quality and workflow.

Office and commercial buildings provide the framework for the working lives of many people. It is therefore vital that we design buildings and rooms that provide the right foundation for a good working environment, while also supporting and expressing the company’s values, work patterns and culture.

We seek to create generous spaces for the companies’ employees, where they can meet and develop strong working partnerships. As architects, we strive to create thought-out, aesthetic and flexible solutions that can be adapted to the company’s development and changing conditions over time.

Our architecture interacts with the surroundings, beholders and users, and plays a natural role in contexts where knowledge sharing and development are a company’s primary resource and source of value creation.


Anders Lyhne
Anders Lyhne
Creative Manager / Team Manager
Office & Business
Architect MAA
Tel. +45 7024 1063
Mob. +45 6137 5391
Carl Th. Lyneborg
Carl Th. Lyneborg
Creative Manager, East
Architect MAA
Tel. +45 7024 2112