Learning and Leisure

The architecture must inspire to learning and support enriching common experiences

We create flexible and safe frameworks for play, learning and leisure by designing and transforming schools, educational institutions and buildings for culture and sport through several years.

Based on our many years of experience within the field, we know that it is essential that schools provide safe and inspiring environments to promote learning, sparetime and well-being for children and employees every day.

Our architecture aims to inspire learning, and the spaces must support good learning and work environments. We focus on indoor climate and acoustics, as these are vital factors for our children’s ability to learn. We also work actively with natural lighting and materials, so our school buildings are pleasant and healthy to be in.

One of our key tasks is to create future-proof learning spaces that can be adapted over time to support current educational aims and requirements. We strive to design flexible school interiors that can be used for different purposes throughout the day – for teaching, after-school care and leisure activities. This is how we ensure that our solutions last – not just today and tomorrow, but also in the future.

Spaces for sport, culture and leisure
When we design cultural and sports buildings we strive to create sustainable and dynamic buildings, with architectures that promote movement and activity for both elite and recreational athletes.

Our architecture has to be adaptable to support new trends, while also focusing on creating natural integration between facilities, so that users meet and are inspired across sports disciplines. In projects catering for large audiences, we strive to ensure that spectators and professional athletes alike feel that the architecture works well, with a focus on a smooth flow and short working procedures, because the functions are well integrated.

User involvement
We know that buildings are best utilised when they are designed to meet the needs of the users. We therefore always involve as broad a user group as possible in our process, to ensure that our solutions are not only sustainable and aesthetic, but also support the vision and communities in the class, the staff room and the leisure activities.

To help identify users’ needs, we have developed a special method to clarify visions, ideas and wishes. The method has six success criteria that users select and prioritise, and through workshops, we ensure that all priorities and parameters are met. We unite users around a common vision at the workshops, and ensure that we can sketch out a unified proposal that takes into account the users’ needs, the building context and the budget. In this way, our projects combine input and visions from a broad user group with our expertise and knowledge of good, realistic and healthy solutions.


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Peter Kristiansen
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Learning and Leisure
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