Human-based, future-proof and sustainable landscape architecture

We specialise in the development of urban and landscape spaces, and work with both complex city developments, climate protection, residential areas and intimate urban spaces.

Taking a dialogue-based and holistic approach, we are passionate about creating landscape architecture that adds value for users in the form of functional, aesthetic and sustainable solutions.

Our ambition is to create sustainable, robust and healthy environments with a focus on experiences and social interaction between people, and the department offers the widest possible range of specialist knowledge about urban and landscape architecture.

The team possesses in-depth knowledge of, among other things, plants, growing conditions, climate adaptation, environmental impact assessments, traffic and accessibility as well as rainwater drainage, paving and lighting. As qualified DGNB consultants, we can certify landscape and urban areas, and we work with social sustainability in strategic development plans to ensure that the architecture works for the people who will be using it – today, tomorrow and in future.

We offer advice in all phases of landscaping projects – from sketching and concept development to planning, procurement, project management and technical inspection. In each and every project, we respect the client’s wishes, the financial framework and the planning requirements, and cover everything from ideas development to detailed planning, working closely with users, the authorities, stakeholders and developers.

From complex urban regeneration to calm courtyards
We work with landscape architecture on all scales, and design both public and private urban spaces. Over the years, we have, for example, gained experience with complex infrastructure projects and large urban development projects, such as Israels Plads, the transformation of Thomas B. Thriges Gade, the opening-up of the river Aarhus Å and climate protection at Svendborg Harbour.

For us, it is an honour to create valuable and communal outdoor environments that contribute to enhancing people’s quality of life. Among other things, we have been involved in numerous residential projects, creating communal courtyards and green, recreational areas. Here, we focus on balancing and creating coherence between private, semi-private, communal and public spaces. In this way, we ensure that the architecture also relates to its surroundings and contributes to the urban environment as a whole.


Christian Bøcker Sørensen
Christian Bøcker Sørensen
Creative Manager, East
Landscape Architecture
Landscape Architect Cand. Hort. Arch.
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Carina Rosenbech Thybo
Carina Rosenbech Thybo
Creative Manager, West
Architect Cand. Arch.
Tel. +45 7024 1080
Mob. +45 2892 9645
Allan Overkær Christensen
Allan Overkær Christensen
Production Manager
Constructing Architect BTH
Tel. +45 7024 1056
Mob. +45 23387143