Safe and efficient healthcare environments for patients, relatives and employees

The healthcare sector constantly has to accommodate new requirements and technology, which the architecture must also meet. As architects our aim is to create flexible, safe and efficient frameworks for psychiatry, treatment and care.

Healthcare facilities often need to accommodate the needs of several different user groups in the course of a day, and as architects we strive to design buildings and rooms that offer employees the best possible conditions while simultaneously ensuring that patients, residents and their relatives feel safe and secure during their stay and treatment.

Over the years, the Health department has been involved in a wide range of projects in the Danish health service covering, for example, psychiatry, nursing homes, rehabilitation, A&E, surgery and laboratory facilities as well as residential facilities for people with special needs such as those suffering from autism, dementia and muscular dystrophy.

When designing care homes, we implement the latest knowhow about welfare technology, care aids and healthcare technology, and we are committed to enhancing the experience of homeliness by accentuating the transitions between what is private, communal and institutional.

We possess specialist knowledge about healing architecture, and work holistically with architecture, psychology, horticulture, occupational therapy and medicine and with a strong focus on actively using nature in architecture to promote health and rehabilitation. We work with, among other things, therapy gardens to improve physical and mental health, social adaptation, rehabilitation and recreation.