Vejle Gammelhavn

An ambitious development project at Vejle's old railway track

Flanked by approach roads to Vejle town centre and the well-frequented pedestrian street opposite the area set for development, the project functions as a link between the hinterland and the town.

The project’s large building stock and long façade course is architecturally adapted with a view to remaining in keeping with the town’s other architectural context and scale. Along the street façade, a number of variations and façade depths will be incorporated to create a dynamic street course. The other building volumes and façades vary in height and have a specially developed idiom with recesses, breaks and details with a view to creating the necessary complexity and detail-rich façade befitting of the town of Vejle.

The project introduces several functions in synergy; the ground floor and first floor will be established for retail trade with large retail units and appurtenant car park. A unifying ribbon development from the second to seventh floors will contain residences and commercial units and surround a large courtyard area, which is open to the town’s users and residents. The development borders Vejle’s pedestrian street and extends the course of the pedestrian street along the shop façades.

The large courtyard area is connected to the town by a public stairway, which cuts into the ribbon development, inviting the town’s users in and up to a recreational area with path systems and various resident, service and cultural offerings, which function as an extension of the pedestrian street in Vejle, breathing new life and the possibility of activities into the area.

Vejle | Denmark
In progress