A manifold housing area in scenic surroundings

These years a new housing area is developing on an old industrial site in Aarhus, where the Tulip-abattoirs originally were located. The masterplan for the 100.000 m2 area will transform the raw, industrial site into a modern and manifold housing area.

At Tulipgrunden in Aarhus 300 new housings, with different characteristics, will be constructed – apartment houses, town houses, double houses and public family- and student housings. By working with these different housing types, we make sure, that the new neighbourhood will contain a manifold combination of residents, when the project is fulfilled in 2020.

”The main idea of the masterplan is to divide the area into a range of smaller areas with different characteristics and housing types – both to secure a manifold combination of residents, and also to work actively with the varying landscape in the area to utilize the great, scenic value.”
Anders Lyhne, architect and Creative Manager

Between the buildings we create green, recreative areas and centrally located on the site the old main building of the factory is placed – this will be preserved to carry on the industrial cultural history. The main building will be transformed into a common house with facilities related to children, young people, culture, food and health. The future users will be included in the process to concretise the functions of the building, which is not yet fully decided.

Houses integrated in nature
Tulipgrunden is located near a significant slope and next to a preserved natural resort. The area is characterized by the rolling ice age landscape that created Aarhus Ådal. A large 20-meter drop in the area creates a significant view over Aarhus Ådal and the lakes in Brabrand.

In the first phase of the project new double houses are constructed. The houses are designed in split levels and will visually integrate themselves into the slopes, and thus underline the significant scenic qualities of the site. The double houses are placed with a 5-meter distance between them, which makes it possible for the nature to expand naturally in between the houses.

Housing | Landscape
Aarhus | Denmark
A. Enggaard A/S
Completed in 2020
Masterplan: 100.000 m2 | Housing: 30.000 m2