Tulipgrunden - Landscape

Modern homes in harmony with nature

A new and modern residential area will soon be taking shape in Brabrand to the west of Aarhus in what was previously a raw industrial environment. The 300 homes are being built in different styles, but will be tied together by the surrounding landscape.

‘Tulipgrunden’ is no ordinary residential development. In developing the area, great respect is being shown for the natural environment and the landscape. One of the main visions is that the homes will be of a high quality, and that they will meet all relevant requirements for social responsibility as well as being healthy and financially and environmentally sound.

The area in which the 300 homes are being built stretches along a distinct slope on the edge of a conservation area. With a drop of approx. 20 metres within the area being developed, it is a prominent and historical site offering magnificent views across the river valley Århus Ådal and the nearby lakes. Efforts have been made to minimise the impact of the development on the local flora and fauna, for example by placing the buildings at least five metres apart to allow the natural vegetation and trees to flourish and grow between the houses and create a self-sown and harmonious relationship between land and buildings.

Nature as neighbour
The future residents will be living with nature on their doorstep. Where the paved patios end, the meadow grasses take over, and the wild vegetation extends as a green carpet around and between the houses. Solutions have been devised which add character both to the development and to the surrounding landscape. All rainwater, for example, is managed locally by establishing channels and ditches between the houses. The course taken by the water is therefore visible in the terrain, and through careful terrain adjustment becomes integrated into the surrounding landscape – and part of the development’s sustainable identity.

Residential area distinguished by its respect for nature
To preserve the special character and values of the area, the vision is that the residents of Tuliphusene will contribute to protecting the natural environment by helping to care for it and respecting the communal elements which thus enhance the development. Requiring a minimum of maintenance, the sustainable rainwater drainage system ensures that sustainability, recreational pursuits and outdoor living will come to characterise the area.

Aarhus | Denmark
A. Enggaard A/S
100.000 m2
Realised, 2020