Trekanten at Islands Brygge

A breahting space and an active oasis in Copenhagen

Trekanten is a new urban space and open area of the city: a green oasis and meeting place. A hilly landscape of varying heights that creates space and new possibilities for relaxing and activity.

The project comprises four subsidiary projects which together creates a coherent and thought out space at Islands Brygge.

Islands Brygge: Establishment of traffic calming measures, including in conjunction with the cycling route across Bryggebroen Bridge.

Ørestads Boulevard and Trekanten: Extension of Ørestads Boulevard north of Njalsgade up to Amager Boulevard via the northernmost section of Artillerivej. The project includes the closing of part of Artillerivej, which enables the establishment of an urban park “Trekanten”. Trekanten is a new urban space that, together with Faste Batteri, comprises an open area of the city: a green oasis and meeting place. The intention of Trekanten is to support the already existing pedestrian and cycling traffic.

At the same time, a hilly green landscape of varying heights aims to create space and new options for relaxing and activities, including green traffic-calmed relaxation and play areas to offset the spatial dimensions and scale of Ørestads Boulevard. Calculations, assessments, etc., of precipitation amounts were carried out as part of the design engineering.

Artillerivej, north: Traffic calming of the stretch between Njalsgade in the north to Drechselsgade in the south. This includes the establishment of an intersection controlled by traffic lights, a cycling track, lane staggering and bumps.

Artillerivej, south: The re-routing of Artillerivej south of Drechselsgade focusing on future development of the south area of Islands Brygge. As part of this project, 500 metres of new street were established with associated cycling track, traffic islands and lane staggering.

Landscape architecture
Copenhagen | Denmark
Copenhagen Municipality