Toldbod Plads

An active urban space by the waterfront in Aalborg

The centrally located water fountain is built up of circular tops like ripples with a spring flowing from the top step, and it serves as the natural focal point of the square.

Toldbod Plads completes the entire newly refurbished stretch from John F. Kennedys Plads down to the waterfront and its purpose is to cohere the waterfront promenade with Østerågade/city centre. In so doing, Toldbod Plads forms a connecting link between the historical centre of the city and the waterfront and is dominated by the Royal Customs House from 1902.

The square was created as an interplay and composition of stone and water. The central water fountain – 17 x 34 metres – is built up like ripples in the water of circular tops with a spring emanating from the top step and it serves as the natural focal point of the square. The water fountain sprays water in time with Handel’s “Water Music” at 3 pm, 6 pm and 9 pm, and the music resounds across the square through centrally placed loudspeakers, for a sensual interplay of music and water.

Landscape architecture
Aalborg | Denmark
Aalborg Municipality
18.000 m2