The courtyard should serve as a lush, secure setting for the residents

The main idea of the proposal was to create an open, combined courtyard with a common area for play and movement as well as private areas near the dwellings for peaceful breaks.

The project includes a basketball court, a lawn for activity (including football), small play islands with sandbox, playhouse and swings, a stage for play, and a variety of places to sit and relax. It has deliberately involved work with diversified vegetation to ensure varying spatial experiences in the form of shade and light and, not least, the varying seasonal foliage.

In the conceptual development of the project, focus was on minimising the courtyard’s management and maintenance; in this respect, Sweco Architects drew up a care plan for the vegetation, which includes a lilac hedge, cherry tree grove and an apple tree island.

Sweco Architects was responsible for all phases of the project from conceptual development and design engineering to construction management and trade supervision.

Copenhagen | Denmark
Copenhagen Municipality