Thomas B. Thriges Gade

Historic connections recreated in a green and diverse part of the city

Thomas B. Thriges Gade is a versatile new urban district focused on coherence and sustainability and on creating a compact, varied and green urban setting in Odense.

The project focuses on historic cross-cutting links and the multiplicity of various green urban spaces opens up to accommodate urban life.

According to the vision “from street to city”, the oldest and most central part of Odense – which has been bisected by the thoroughfare Thomas B. Thriges Gade for 50 years – is being enchantingly transformed. The street has now been discontinued through the city centre to be replaced by a versatile new urban district, which is in the pipeline. It focuses on coherence and sustainability and on creating a compact, varied and green urban setting. Historic transverse connections are being re-established and, with light rail and a cycling superhighway running through the new district, will reunite the city centre with adjacent neighbourhoods once again.

Landscape architecture | Urban planning
Odense | Denmark
City of Odense | Realdania

The master plans’ four new neighbourhoods will be implemented in stages. The first two will be in the north adjacent to the new music and concert hall Odeon and the Hans Christian Andersen neighbourhood, and subsequently the two commercial/retail neighbourhoods to the south along Odense’s shopping streets.

New attractive underground parking options in the urban district ensure good, central accessibility for residents and visitors, at the same time that the urban spaces are kept free of vehicular traffic. The diversity of the various green urban spaces is reserved for pedestrians and cyclists and provides space for play and activity, but also quiet and intimacy.