Focus on learning, pedagogy and entrepreneurship

In this project, we rejected the traditional classroom and chalkboard arrangement and from the outset incorporated learning, pedagogics and entrepreneurship into the architectural ground plan for the technical college.

We designed a school with open-plan work areas so that future mechanics can bear witness to the way in which bakery apprentices fold their puff pastry. The project incorporates flexible technology, enabling the assembly or dismantling of laboratories, flexible teaching zones, an incubator environment for entrepreneurs and amalgamated areas – as and when needed.

The school’s departments are organised in a horseshoe shape encompassing the courtyard and communal square – the ‘heart’ of the building. Above this, new accommodation has been established for the students, which closely ties in with the principles of education, movement and a community spirit. The courtyard area, student accommodation and theory rooms are designed as intimate and welcoming spaces, filled with life and the meeting of minds.

Our vision was to create a building that not only enriches the town in terms of its purpose, but also enhances it in terms of architecture. This vision led among other things to an interconnected series of ramps that draws local residents into the courtyard area so that they too can enjoy the fantastic view over the Danish lakes.

Learning and Leisure
Silkeborg | Denmark
Technical College, Silkeborg
In progress