A varied new block at Teglholmen forming the setting for a lively environment

Årstiderne Arkitekter are contributing to the urbanisation of Teglholmen with the block, Teglhusene, which houses a variety of residences; from single-storey apartments, penthouse apartments and duplex apartments, to double-storey terraced houses overlooking the water.

There are a total of 104 attractive residences in one apartment block of 11,800 m2. The area is characterised by canals, which divide the area into a number of islands with blocks of apartments, and the islands are connected by paths and bridges.

Teglhusene forms the setting for a lively environment, which encourages activity and a sense of community in the large, scenic courtyard area shared by the residents of the block. The residences offer flexibility in layout and design, with the option of adding rooms, and offer good, well-lit, open spaces that meet the needs of many resident groups. The block varies in height and expression, and the façades are architecturally adapted with a vertical division, breaking the scale down into smaller units.

Teglholmen holds great amenity value by virtue of its waterside location. The area has a clear green element and there is a distinct division between the private outdoor courtyard areas and public urban spaces in the form of green wedges and promenades along the water.

Copenhagen | Denmark
Arkitektgruppen A/S
Realised, 2016
11.800 m2