Køge Kyst - Taghaver

Public lush and green roof gardens in central Køge

As part of the Køge Kyst urban development project, we were responsible for project planning and layout of three public roof gardens.

The ‘forest garden’ is an intensely green, organic space with the imprint of afforestation and hilly slopes; elements in the activity and play gardens are designed for taking exercise, playing games and movement. All roof gardens have public access, both from the adjacent buildings and from the ground level.

Since the roof gardens were created on top of buildings, specific operational requirements obtain; likewise, a natural limit to planting choices had to be imposed, both with regard to weight and cultivation requirements. Consequently, the choice of plants gave priority to species that requires less watering, are sufficiently robust to withstand fluctuating wind and temperature conditions and tolerate a low level of care. We worked in cooperation with Køge Municipality, who will be responsible for future maintenance.

The layout and choice of plants, etc., were adapted to the requirements of Køge Municipality.

Køge | Denmark
Projektselskabet Køge Centrum P/S
Realised, 2016