Store Torv in Thisted

A revitalised central square beautifully surrounded by historic buildings

The centrally located square of the town is a natural meeting place for the town’s activities, which play out around an interconnected stairway structure with places to sit and relax and a built-in water stairway.

Store Torv is the town’s central square and, after refurbishment, it is a beautiful, worthy setting for the surrounding buildings, primarily the old town hall, Thisted Church, Thisted Museum and the new J. P. Jacobsen Centre.

The pavement is reddish and golden-brown granite and delimited by a cast-iron border. At the transition from Store Torv to Kirkegårdshaven churchyard, the existing level difference is used to make a stairway with a variety of places to sit and relax. This includes a built-in water stairway which creates a natural gathering place and already attracts children and the young at heart like a magnet.

Concurrent with the relaying of Store Torv, J. P. Jacobsens Square has been refurbished as a qualitative setting from the preserved J. P. Jacobsen house and birthplace. The poem “Irmelin Rose” is inscribed in cast-iron strips, referring to the works of the author. The total budget for the relaying of Store Torv and J. P. Jacobsens Square was DKK 18 million, DKK 4 million of which were provided by the Oticon Foundation.

Landscape Architecture
Thisted | Denmark
Thisted Municipality