Spritfabrikken, Aalborg

New housing project will kick-start the development of a new urban district in Aalborg

Art and culture will be the leading elements in the new urban district, which will develop around the city’s iconic distillery “Spritfabrikken” from 1931. Årstiderne Arkitekter is the studio behind the first housing project in the area. The project covers two building plots and will comprise homes for both students and families as well as senior apartments with access to common outdoor areas, that can prevent loneliness.

The vision for the first housing project at Spritfabrikken in Aalborg is to create a diverse residential area, where both families, students and seniors will live. With the combination of public youth housing, senior housing and private housing, the architecture creates the basis for a diverse group of residents, who can meet in the common outdoor areas – in example at one of the three common rooftop gardens.

The old distillery in Aalborg is iconic and holds a lot of history.  The design of the new buildings is inspired by the existing architectural idiom in the area, which is reinterpreted into the expression of the new housing project.

“With the new housing project, we want to create the best architectural starting point for the further development of the area. It has been crucial for us to analyse the area, and to incorporate two different architectural expressions into the new buildings. This way, we will create the opportunity for others to interpret both the existing architecture and our buildings, and thus create a diverse architectural expression throughout the district,” says Peter Iversen, Creative Manager at Årstiderne Arkitekter.

The new housing project at Spritfabrikken consists of two building plots – each with a building. At the entrance to the new district a 16-storey tall building will rise, which will mark the entrance to the new neighbourhood. The building is designed in red tiles with details in yellow bricks, and has a simple composition, where all windows are aligned beneath each other. The red building will house both youth and senior residences and private apartments.

Next to the red building a compact building, designed in yellow tiles, will be built. In the building’s base, the yellow tiles will be fracted by elements of green, glazed tiles – a reference to the green dram bottle, which was produces in the distillery for many years. Furthermore, the balconies at the building are designed in round shapes as a reference to the dram bottles and to the distillery’s windows and steel tanks. The yellow building will comprise both public youth residences, private apartments and a supermarket on the ground floor.

Aalborg | Denmark
A. Enggaard
Ca. 16.000 m2
Expected completed in 2020