Sortedams Dosseringen

A green backyard in central Nørrebro in Copenhagen

In connection with the renovation of the Irma block in inner Nørrebro in Copenhagen, we were responsible for the layout and renovation of the courtyard area, which partly functions as a public urban space.

We focused in particular on creating a green courtyard environment, with planting that spreads along the façades and all the way into the courtyard’s semi-private niches. Despite the inclusion of parking for cars and bicycles, we created peaceful spaces with atmosphere, where a variety of activities including games, rest and relaxation can be pursued by the children and adults living here.

We gave accents to the courtyard’s shared space in the form of differentiated zones that delineate the varied functions of the courtyard. The outdoor serving area for a restaurant environment, rest zones, gates, parking and driving areas have all been integrated into the recreational use of the courtyard. Flower boxes and raised seating plinths in urban materials create ‘rooms’ and act as boundaries for the car-free areas of the courtyard.

Planting was chosen on the basis of flowering periods and seasonal variation in order to provide variety through a mixture of herbaceous perennials and specimen trees, as well as a structured counterpoint to harder, urban materials.

A gable-end mural created by local artists adds a touch of life and character to the private niche of the courtyard, which is now conducive  to relaxation and playing games.

Copenhagen | Denmark