Urban development for the future based on the area’s unique qualities

Søholt covers an area of approx. 10 hectares and is situated beside the lake Silkeborg Langsø, only 3 km from the town centre of Silkeborg.

The area is currently the site of Søholt wastewater treatment plant and  is characterised by the values for which Silkeborg is best known – views of the lake and the woods, and proximity to everything that the town has to offer.

The feasibility study for Søholt sets out various scenarios for realising the area’s potential by relocating the waste treatment plant and transforming the area into, for example, a green park for recreational purposes or an attractive urban neighbourhood with access to the lake and woods.

While seeking to give as many homes as possible as many different qualities as possible and focusing on the area as a resource, the site can potentially contribute approx. 150-200 new residential units targeted at segments in accordance with the local authority’s strategy to attract newcomers.

The study thus sheds light on how it is possible to develop a new residential area based on Silkeborg’s unique qualities and values and targeted at the needs and wishes of modern families.

The study also identifies how part of the strategy should aim at making the area accessible and open to the public, creating views, open spaces and links across the development. The strategy can be supplemented by establishing facilities that support the use of the landscape as, for example, a nature playground, lake baths or specially designed canoe landing facilities, just as an increase in the number of residents at Søholt could provide a basis for establishing a forest or nature kindergarten in the north-eastern part of the area.

Urban Planning
Silkeborg | Denmark
Silkeborg Municipality
Realised, 2018
10 hectares
Possibility study