Sluseholmen, building M + QN

Green courtyards in the new Copenhagen district

In continuation of the development of Sydhavnen, we drafted and carried out project planning of the courtyard area for buildings M and QN and planned the project for the associated streetscape.

The entire area was transformed into a series of artificial islands featuring housing blocks with canals and road and pedestrian bridges interconnecting the area. The private, green street spaces are open and connected via the aforementioned pedestrian bridges, which pass through high portals.

The development comprises a series of blocks of varying building heights, depending on their location and orientation and with façades in a wide variety of brick. Both courtyard areas stand approximately two metres above ground level and have underground car parking. A feature common to the two courtyard areas are the street level commercial premises on the Sluseholmen side and access to the dwellings from the courtyard.

Building M is a closed block with access through four gates on three sides; there is a canal running along the south-eastern façade. Q Nord is an open block facing Ved Stigboderne and forms a combined block with Q Syd.

The courtyard area in Building M is divided, with a private zone, sheltered by closely planted bushes, which runs along the façade. The shared section of the courtyard area is flanked by two lines of supporting walls. From these, the landscaping is centred along a diagonal connection, around which recreational and play areas have been established. Outside, there is parking for cycles and allocated spaces for residents. The central space is further defined by two groups of trees and a solitary specimen tree.

The design of QN is more urban in character, comprising a series of open areas which demarcate different recreational spaces.  From the road, there is access for emergency vehicles via a series of ramps; along the side of the road there are waste collection facilities and a transformer station. The courtyard area is further connected to the road by means of a broad stairway, with screening provided by vegetation.

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