A new block situated between lakes, village greens and the residential areas of Ørestad

Skovhuset is a modern block in Ørestad with a simple architectural expression.

The building is situated between Skovrummet – a landscaped division within Ørestad – and communal and private areas, including a  large courtyard which is shared by a number of terraced houses. The shared courtyard is the beating heart of the block and offers ample space for community activities, as well as a safe environment for the smallest children to play in. Skovrummet extends all the way down the western side of the block. The area  was designed with a view to bringing Danish woodland trees and vegetation to mind. The planting structure is intentionally diverse.

The site backs on to the next building in the block to the north, gradually sloping down towards the lake and common to the south. The significant mass of the building is juxtaposed with the flat expanses of the common.

Respect for the surrounding landscape was reflected in the simple white mass of the building, which stands in sharp contrast to the wild heathland. The construction is simple in its basic form; the alternating placement of balconies adds an organic rhythm and character to its structure. The design ensured excellent natural light for all residents.

Årstiderne Arkitekter assisted the developer throughout all phases of the project – from the initial idea right through to its realisation. The authorities were significantly involved throughout this process, and for this reason relations and dialogue were crucial.

Copenhagen S | Denmark
Arkitektgruppen A/S
Completed, 2014
9.174 m²