Silkeborg Rådhus

Modern offices in a former knitwear factory

The building on Søvej 3 in Silkeborg is a former knitwear factory and now home to some local government offices.

The renovation of these premises needed to pay heed to their particular history. Since the layout was broad, focus was on borrowed light and bright surfaces wherever possible, forming the framework for a contemporary workplace with ample light and a befitting indoor climate for all workstations. The result is an accommodating, open and bright building with a palpable sense of history.

The factory architecture can also be deduced from the construction itself, its spaciousness and the materials used; modern technical installations are hidden in this new embodiment of industry. Ventilation and other installations were fitted centrally where daylight penetrates less far. At the building façades, ventilation ducts are not covered up, in order to maximise light to most of the office areas.

Rooms are characterised by white surfaces and open transitions between the various work zones. The layout allows for several different functions in the individual sections. As a contrasting accent to the predominantly white décor, single points of brightly coloured glass were added.

The task was executed in cooperation with COWI as engineers and AB studiedesign as consultants on acoustics.

Office and Business
Silkeborg | Denmark
Silkeborg Municipality
1.200 m²
Realised, 2011