Rødovre Centrum

Development and master plan for tomorrow’s shopping centre

Krystallen – the latest addition to Rødovre Centrum – is a new expansion of the shopping centre designed as a covered atrium with parking and shopping facilities.

At the same time, the extension and the master plan for the area will ensure that Rødovre Centrum remains a modern, unifying and innovative shopping centre well into the future.

In 1966, Aage Knudsen, a gardener, opened the doors to Rødovre Centrum, which at the time was the largest covered shopping and gardening centre in northern Europe. Since then, the centre, now the oldest of its kind in Denmark, has flourished, and been extended several times over the years, most recently in 2018 which saw the inauguration of the most recent addition – Krystallen (The Crystal).

Krystallen is Rødovre Centrum’s new landmark, and is designed as a glass-covered atrium which is bathed in natural light to create a light and pleasant environment for visitors.

“The design of Krystallen harmonises architecturally with the rest of the complex. It has a glass facade that allows daylight to penetrate from all angles, but to shade visitors from direct sunlight, we have clad the facade with perforated sunshade panels – adding architectural interest to the facade, while creating a comfortable influx of light into the large interior space.”
Jacob Storebjerg Laursen, Team and Quality Manager at Årstiderne Arkitekter.

The room is naturally cooled by means of windows opening in the facade, where the focus has been on allowing in light rather than heat. Vertically, the atrium is connected by escalators from the lower basement car park to the uppermost car park at rooftop level. Here, the roof is covered with Sedum, planters and creepers, drawing references to Rødovre Centrum’s past as a market garden.

Rødovre | Denmark
Rødovre Centrum
Completed, 2016
Approx. 27.500 m² shopping | 32.500 m² parking

New master plan for the entire area
Today, Rødovre Centrum plays an active role in Rødovre, a Copenhagen suburb, and in addition to numerous new functions and experiences, the master plan drawn up by Årstiderne Arkitekter will ensure greater coherence between the shopping centre and its surroundings – for example the plan focuses on ensuring better parking facilities and infrastructure as well as more residential and retail units.

Following the extension, Rødovre Centrum has 160 shops, but the aim of the project has also been to develop and future-proof the centre by increasing its attraction both locally and regionally as more than just a shopping centre.

“We wanted to create a centre that is airy, spacious and open. It should be a place that shoppers want to visit, and where they are happy to spend longer periods of time. Therefore, in future, Rødovre Centrum will offer more than just shopping – it must be able to attract customers through, for example, providing experiences and culture – and we are endeavouring to support this through our architecture.”
Jacob Storebjerg Laursen, Team and Quality Manager at Årstiderne Arkitekter.