The biggest passive-house public project in the Nordic region

Ravnsborgvej is the result of collaboration involving different operators in Denmark’s construction industry, who joined forces to prove that Denmark is leading in terms of energy-efficient building projects.

This resulted in a building project comprising 126 public-housing units as passive houses in south Køge. The buildings are arranged on three plots with a total of nine tower blocks of three and four storeys respectively. They contain roughly 14 housing units each, distributed as 2-room, 3-room and 4-room apartments. All dwellings have a balcony or a small private garden. Each tower is divided into two main structures connected by a shared stairwell and lift shaft providing access to shared rooftop terraces for all residents.

The buildings have yellow brickwork facades, forming a contrast with the black slate-clad stairwells. The balconies are steel structures with wooden floors and steel-and-glass railings. Automatically movable solar screens are installed on east and west facades in front of all glass sections. All toilet modules are prefabricated.

The aim of a passive house is to minimise energy consumption by means of a number of “passive” measures, i.e. a highly insulated climate envelope and balanced mechanical ventilation.

Public Housing | Health
Køge | Denmark
Køge Boligselskab
12.000 m2